MOSKI is a trendy and timeless brand of eyewear.
Launched in 2004, we offer an optical range in limited series, with meticulous design for spectacle frames, providing the quality of creative design at an affordable price.
Car lover, and drawing from an early age, Michael had the ambition to become car designer. Over time it pays particular attention to the fashion world, and this is when a search window at once original and refined to bring out his personality, he set himself the challenge of launching his ouw brand. For the first time, the designer had the feeling of wearing a pair of glasses that looked like him.
A chic and elegant collection, which draws inspiration from a parisian univers, combining fashion, design and music.
"Fashion and music are similar because they have the same purpose, that of expressing an age" said Karl Lagerfeld. Jungle, Deep House, Electro, Dance or New Beat, each model has a name directly inspired from electronic music.
A universe synonymous with movement, creation and innovation, reinterpreted each season over the trends. Scale ornement, black and chrome, mahogany... colors are combined with original designs, associating materials and sense of detail.
MOSKI seens eyewear as a true means of expression. We want to see eyewear as a fashion accessory and not as a constaint, this is our motto, allowing men and women to show their uniqueness by combining all our pieces to their style and their outfits.
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